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PIIFA Kids Zone!

Welcome to the PIIFA Kids Zone! This is our special section just for PIIFA Kids! Here you will find lots of fun things to do when you are not ice fishing. There are puzzles, word searches and a lot more, plus tons of stuff that kids like you have sent to us. Are you ready for some PIIFA activities and fun?
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You must know about PIIFA's 2013 entry in the Orleans Santa's Parade of Lights. In case you did not know, a few people from PIIFA constructed a giant fish and entered it in the parade. They named the fish Wally the walleye.

The fish turned out better than expected and was a huge hit at the parade. But what do you do with a giant fish after the parade is over? Bring him back to Petrie Island and milk him for all he is worth! He is now the center piece of where we fish in Baitshop Bay. Many people took pics and videos which we have compiled into a video and uploaded it to Youtube.

My Dad Told Me A Funny Ice Fishing Joke...

An old man walked out onto a frozen lake on a bitter cold winter day. He drilled a hole in the ice, sat on his bucket, put his fishing line in the water and eagerly waited for a fish to bite.

He was there for almost five hours without even a nibble when a young boy walked out, drilled a hole in the ice and sat on his bucket not far from the old man. It only took about one minute and BAM! A huge walleye bit his hook and the boy pulled in the fish.

The old man couldn't believe it and figured it was just luck. Yet, the boy put his fish line in again and within just two minutes he pulled in another huge walleye!

This went on and on until finally the old man couldn't stand it any more. He hadn't caught a fish all day. He went to the boy and said, "Boy, I've been here nearly all day without even a nibble. You have been here only a few minutes and have caught TEN huge fish! How do you do it?"

The boy said, "Oo af o rep ra rums rm." "What," asked the old man? Again the boy said, "Oo af o rep ra rums rm.” Freezing and impatient the old man yelled "Look, I can't understand a word you are saying."

So, the boy took off his gloves, spit a clump of stuff into his hands and said, "You have to keep the worms warm!!"


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