The Best of Petrie Island Ice Fishing on YouTube

Hey! If you have a video from your day a Petrie Island, upload it to YouTube and send us the link!

A Breathtaking Video of the 2017 PIIFA Derby

Drone and Video provided by Shawn Ferrier

Quadcopter with a GoPro flies over the 2014 ice fishing village

Uploaded by Mathieu Grandmaitre

Our 2013 parade float: Wally the Walleye

Uploaded by PIIFA

A Tribute to Jocelyn "PeeWee" Belanger

Compiled by Francine Martin

Petrie Island 2010

Produced by Sylvain and Caroline Renaud

The 2005 Ice Fishing Derby

Uploaded by Ronald Zinn

My First Trip to Petrie Island

Uploaded by Ronald Zinn