The Best of Petrie Island Ice Fishing on YouTube

Hey! If you have a video from your day a Petrie Island, upload it to YouTube and send us the link!

  • A ride around the 2019 Ice Fishing Village

    Recorded by BIG_BOONES YT Channel

  • The 2017 Spring Flood at Petrie Island

    Raw Footage and Photos by Allan Macintyre

  • A Breathtaking Video of the 2017 PIIFA Derby

    Drone and Video provided by Shawn Ferrier

  • Quadcopter with a GoPro flies over the 2014 ice fishing village

    Uploaded by Mathieu Grandmaitre

  • Our 2013 parade float: Wally the Walleye

    Uploaded by PIIFA

  • A Tribute to Jocelyn "PeeWee" Belanger

    Compiled by Francine Martin

  • Petrie Island 2010

    Produced by Sylvain and Caroline Renaud

  • The 2005 Ice Fishing Derby

    Uploaded by Ronald Zinn

  • My First Trip to Petrie Island

    Uploaded by Ronald Zinn

More videos on the PIIFA YouTube page.