Fishing Links for Ottawa Area Anglers

Ice Fishing
Ontario Ice Fishing regulations issued by The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.
Fishin' Ontario's list of Ontario ice fishing outfitters, listed by region.
A website by photographer Richard Johnson showcasing photos of Canadian ice fishing huts province by province.

Petrie Island
The Petrie Island Bait and Tackle website, now known as Oziles. This website has everything related to activities at Petrie Island.

Ottawa River
Ottawa River water levels in the Petrie Island area. Enter your own parameters to see the changes in water levels.

Ottawa Riverkeeper
An organization dedicated to maintaining and preserving the Ottawa River.

Fishing Forums

The PIIFA Forum
Our very own forum dedicated to ice fishing at Petrie Island, Ontario. See comments on who's catching what; latest ice conditions on the Ottawa River and more. No registration needed to participate.
An Ottawa area forum based fishing forum with some extras. You must register to participate in any forum.

Ontario Fishing
Website of The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Site includes everything about fishing in Ontario including licences, your Outdoors card, regulations and much, much more.
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources publications. Download free publications and directories on fishing, hunting, wildlife, Ontario parks, lakes and rivers, plus much more.
The website of Just Fishing Magazine and local fishing guru "Big Jim" McLaughlin.
Fish Ontario is your complete internet fishing resource.
This is an excellent website. Everything you need to know and more about fishing on the Rideau Waterway between Kingston and Ottawa.
A website with all kinds of links and stories for the Ontario angler.