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Okay... So I caught a fish...
From Kevin P.

I always wanted to go ice fishing but I never had the chance. I have fished lots with my father, but only in the summer. My wish to go ice fishing came true last March when my friend's father invited me for the day at Petrie Island. I was freakin' lots when my friend's Dad drove his car right out on the ice. He told me not to worry because the ice is very thick.

The day was beautiful, but stinkin' cold, so we watched our fishing lines from inside our hut. I have seen all the fish photos on this website and knew we were going to catch some big ones. There was lots of times when the fish were biting, but by the time we got our coats on and ran outside, the fish were gone!

I never caught a big one and in six hours of fishing at Petrie Island, I only caught one tiny perch. My friend's Dad says that we just had a bad day and promises to bring me again for ice fishing at Petrie Island. He promises more fish the next time...

We came third in the Ice Fishing Derby
From Erica Z., Brossard, Quebec

My Dad took me and my twin sister ice fishing at Petrie Island last March. We slept in Allan Macintyre's ice hut on Friday night and it was really cool. The next morning we heard cars on the ice really early, so we couldn't sleep anymore. It was cold so my Dad made a fire in the stove. We went to McDonald's and had a great breakfast. After breakfast my Dad entered us in the Petrie Island ice fishing derby and my sister and I caught 38 fish. We didn't win the derby but we came third for the most fish caught. It was my first time ice fishing and I can not wait to go back to Petrie Island and go ice fishing again.

Nathan Clancy of Rockland, Ontario sent in these fantastic Petrie Island fish that he coloured.


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