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Coronavirus at Petrie Island

Fisherman Catches Coronavirus at Petrie Island

Now that we have your attention...

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everyone's lives in every possible way including how we have fun. With the situation in Ontario changing daily, we still don't know how it will affect the 2021 ice fishing season at Petrie Island.

As it looks now, there will be a 2021 ice fishing season but with some limitations. Practice safe distancing, wear a mask when you have to, and do not go in huts out of your bubble... you know the routine, so we should not have to get into it here. Above all, do not take chances and remember, it doesn't matter how strong you are or how tough you are, COVID-19 affects everyone.

Stay up to date on the COVID-19 situation at Petrie Island on the Ottawa Public Health COVID-19 info page. The page has alerts, safety tips and everything else you need to know about being safe while ice fishing at Petrie Island during the era of COVID.

Some Obvious Tips for the safety of Everyone

With most vacations cancelled for snowbirds and people heading south, many will be looking for something to do locally. Many will be heading to Petrie for a day of ice fishing. We don't want to be known as the epicenter for a new COVID breakout in the Ottawa area. We urge everyone to follow the guidelines for public safety issued by Ottawa Public Health. Practice physical distancing at all times when outdoors. Avoid going in other people's huts. Consider setting up a toilet in your hut instead of using the public port-a-potty. Follow the instructions of staff members when entering the bait shop.

Will There be a 2021 COVID-19 Ice Fishing Derby?

Because of the COVID bs, plans for a derby in 2021 at Petrie Island are still up in the air. We don't know what's going on. Planning and logistics for our derby takes months, and not knowing what's happening even next week could make organizing a derby somewhat difficult. Keep your fingers crossed and we'll keep you informed. All that said, look for a bunch of small pop-up derbies among friends and groups on the ice!

Angler's Gallery

Preparing for The New Season

All huts stored at Petrie Island should be put up on blocks before the ground freezes. This facilitates moving the huts at the beginning of the ice fishing season.
When the ice in the Bay reaches a minimum of 30 centimetres, Oziles will start hauling huts out on the ice. Depending on the weather, this usually begins in late December or sometime in January.

  • If your hut is stored at Petrie, your hut storage fees must be paid in full before your hut can be hauled on the ice.
  • When the ice is thick enough, contact Oziles at 613-841-0778 to make arrangements to have your hut hauled on the ice.
  • If your hut is not stored at Petrie, you must make arrangements with the bait shop before putting your hut on the ice.

Ice Hut Registration

All ice fishing huts at Petrie Island must be registered with the local Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources office and the registration number must be clearly visible on your hut. Your registration numbers must be at least 6.3 cm (2.5 in.) in height and clearly displayed on the outside of the hut. Registration is necessary for any type of hut except for tents made of cloth or synthetic fabric that has a base area of seven square metres (75.4 square feet) or less when erected.
For complete information on ice registration or to register your hut online go to The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources website.

Fishing Permits and Outdoors Cards

Everyone fishing in Ontario must have a valid fishing permit and an Outdoors Card. An Outdoors Card is a plastic, wallet-sized, identification card to which your Ontario fishing license tag is affixed. It acts as a durable carrier for your license tag for three calendar years. Most Canadian residents need an Ontario-issued Outdoors Card and fishing license tag to fish in Ontario if they are at least 18 years old but have not reached their 65th birthday.

Although the outdoors cards and fishing permits are not sold at the Oziles Tackle Shop, they can be purchased at Sail Bass Pro Shops and other outdoor stores. Make sure that all people in your hut have a valid Outdoors card and fishing permit as the Game Wardens make regular visits to Petrie Island. Remember to carry it with you at all times when you are on the ice.

Send Us Your Early Season Pics

A little late season fishing from shore? Last minute construction or repairs on your ice hut? Fun and shenanigans getting ready for the upcoming season? We want your stories and early season photos for the upcoming 2021 Angler's Gallery! Send them to us!

Oziles Bait Shop

Visitor Information

Petrie Island is a fantastic place for a day outing of ice fishing. Situated just east of Ottawa on the Ottawa River, Petrie Island offers beautiful scenery and a tremendous variety of fish. Species include crappie, perch, northern pike, walleye and much more!

Visitors and Guests

Early in the season, when the ice is still thin, vehicle traffic in the ice fishing village is restricted to hut owners, guests and individuals renting ice huts from Oziles. Visitors are asked to park their vehicles on Trim Road or Jeanne d'Arc and walk down on to the ice. Vehicles of guests entering the ice village must pay a $5.00 entry fee. The fee is payable at bait shop located at the entrance.

Ice Hut Rentals at Petrie Island

The Oziles Marina offers ice hut rentals to visitors at Petrie Island. Ice huts range in a wide variety of sizes and can accommodate individuals and groups up to 15 people. All equipment is included in the price and they will even drill your holes!

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