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The Oziles' Event Hut
A look at the new Oziles Event Hut

Event hut, ice condo, call it what you want, this thing is huge!

If you are around Petrie Island in the summer, you have probably seen the massive Oziles' Event Hut behind the bait shop. It was constructed last year but never made it on the ice because of the short season.

The guys at Oziles designed it for use as a hut for special events or large groups and families who need a large hut.

It was designed and built in two 8' x 16' sections that can be bolted together when on the ice. At 16' x 16' that is one huge ice hut! It is heated with an oil furnace, has a dual burner propane cooktop and convertible benches all round.

For details on how to rent this hut, contact Oziles at 613-841-0778 or visit the Oziles website.

Hut Hauling
Prepare yourself for the big day

As the 2017 ice fishing season gets closer, you need to be prepared for the big day when your hut finally goes out on the ice. Depending on the weather, our season will begin sometime in early January.

Your hut should already be jacked up and on blocks, otherwise it will be frozen in the ground and impossible to move. If you haven't already jacked up your hut, take advantage of a mild day and do it. This is the number one rule to know for ice hut hauling. If you don't have a strong jack, ask someone in the area. Probably a good idea to ask them for help!

Your skis should be in good shape and firmly attached to your hut! Having poorly maintained and poorly attached skis will almost surely damage or destroy your hut when being hauled out.

Other Things you Should Know
  • If your hut is stored at Oziles, your hut storage fees must be paid in full before you can put your hut on the ice.
  • If you are using the hut hauling services of Oziles, you need to make an appointment for the service. Busiest times are week-ends, so book well in advance. Contact Oziles at 613-841-0778 to make arrangements to get your hut hauled on the ice.
  • If you do not use the storage and hauling services of Oziles, there is still a fee to put your hut on the ice in any area around Petrie Island. Contact Oziles for the 2017 fees.

Ice hits moved 1
Getting Ready for a New Season

The boys from Oziles recently moved more than 20 huts from of the hut storage area in preparation for the upcoming season. They are now lined up on the road and ready to go out when the ice is thick enough!

Oziles reminds us that these were the easy ones to move and tell us that all huts should be jacked up and mounted on blocks to prevent from being frozen in the ground. Failing to do this will damage the base or skis when trying to move it.

There will no updates to our website until January 30 as our web guy will be out of the country. You can still send us your ice reports, stories and photos for the website and we will get to them when he returns. For the latest ice conditions, ask the boys in the Oziles' bait shop or call them at 613-841-0778.

Oziles Marina - Petrie Island
A new look for the Oziles website

The Oziles' website has a new look and a new feel. The newest version of their website went online at the beginning of August. The new website has many new features including a live webcam of the marina; a page on the history of Petrie Island; bios of the staff; and a store page.

Owner of Oziles, Yves Grandmaitre says, "We have contracted a great person to work on the website and you can expect frequent updates with current information".

The best thing we noticed on the new version of the Oziles website is that it is in both French and English, something that wasn't part of their previous websites.

The New Oziles Website >>>

The Photo of the Week

There is Plenty of Room for Everyone!

Except for permits and regulations of the MNR, there are very few rules for ice fishing. There are however, the rules of etiquette which could help to avoid conflicts with friends and neighbors on the ice. When setting up your hut at the beginning of the season, keep a reasonable distance between you and your neighbor. The minimum distance between huts should be at least 8 meters. This allows space for equipment, extra vehicles and fishing holes.

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