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An awesome catch for Carolyn!

Carolyn Gemmell has waited a long time to catch a walleye and was overjoyed that her first one was so nice. It was caught in Baie des Sables on February 8. Although it wasn't weighed, it was estimated to be over 7 pounds. Carolyn tells that it was a live release after a few quick photos. Congrats Carolyn! This is the biggest walleye we have seen all season!

Carolyn Gemmell 1
Carolym Gemmell 2

Petrie Island 360
A 360 degree view of the ice fishing village

We do this every year. It's a 360 degree view of the Petrie Island ice fishing village. We do it for fun but we also do it for visitors to the website who can't actually make it to Petrie Island.

Visitors from far away like the Toronto area, western Canada, many places in the United States and yes, you in Stuttgart, Germany and you in Nassau, Bahamas. Yes, we get many visits to this website from people who never actually visit Petrie Island but love the website. We do Petrie Island 360 just for you!

Check out the Petrie Island 360 archive including the newest Petrie Island 360 from January 31, 2015 on the Petrie Island 360 page.

2015 Rotary Club Derby
Get Ready for The Orleans Rotary Club Derby!

The Rotary Club of Orleans will be holding their first annual ice fishing derby at Petrie Island on Saturday, February 21. Registration begins at 8:30am while the derby takes place from 10:00am to 3:00pm on the ice at Petrie Island.

There are two registration categories. Five dollars for kids under 12 and $10.00 for adults with the option of pre-drilled holes or drill your own.

The catcher for this derby is there will be a mystery weight prize! You got it... the weight will be chosen before the derby and closest to that weight will win the prize. There are also chances to win with every fish caught.

All proceeds from the derby including the 50-50 draw will go to the Rotary Club of Orleans for their community projects.

PIIFA still popular with local media

PIIFA and Petrie Island ice fishing have always been popular with local media outlets. So much so, we have become the envy of other local organizations looking for exposure.

Ottawa Citizen ice fishing article

Since PIIFA began in 2004, we have been the sweetheart of all local media outlets. It all began with Angie Poirier doing her annual remotes on A-Channel Morning Live. Since the days of A-Channel, PIIFA has been covered on all local radio, television and print media.

Last season, PIIFA made national and international headlines with Wally the walleye. You already know the story of Wally and how he became famous.

We would like to think all our exposure comes from drivers seeing the view of the ice fishing village from highway 174. Our ice fishing village is seen by thousands every day from the 174! Others might think our exposure comes from people seeing Wally the walleye, that giant 22 foot fish made for the Orleans Santa's Parade of Lights.

Both contribute to the exposure, but we have to think a lot of the credit should go to PIIFA President Big Al Macintyre, who is the face of PIIFA. Al is comfortable in front a microphone or camera and is the go to person when it comes to media interviews.

This season, it's not only Big Al. Arcade entrepreneur, Aimé Drouin was recently featured on CBC Radio 99.1 with an excellent interview about his one and only ice hut arcade. Yep, his ice hut arcade.

Check out Big Al's interview in the Ottawa Citizen >>>
Watch the interview with Big Al on CTV Ottawa >>>
Listen to Aimé Drouin's Interview on CBC Radio 99.1 >>>

Great Pics from the Current Season

We're getting some great photos from the ice fishermen of Baitshop Bay but we want more photos for our 2015 Anglers Gallery. How was your week-end? These people had a great time. We wanna see your photos!!! Send us your best pics using the email link at the bottom of the page.

Wolf Collins

The Photo of the Week

The only Cuban girl in the world with an Ice Shack?

If you have met her, you will most likely never forget her. If you have not met her, find her hut because she will make your day. She is Jocy Medina, the outgoing Cuban woman with the broad, ever-lasting smile who seems to brighten everyone's day.

Jocy joined us on the ice five years ago when she purchased her first ice fishing shack for her and her son. Now Jocy and her son Dennis love the Canadian sport of ice fishing but Jocy's friends and family back in Cuba are still in disbelief. Could she really be the only Cuban girl in the world that owns an Ice Fishing Shack?

Read Jocy's complete story "Am I the only Cuban girl in the world that owns an Ice Fishing Shack?" on her blog.

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