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We had to milk this for all it's worth!

By now, you're very familiar with our 2013 entry in the Orleans Santa's Parade of Lights. In case you were on vacation, a few boys from PIIFA constructed a giant fish and entered it in this year's parade. They named the fish Wally the walleye.

The fish turned out better than expected and was a huge hit at the parade. But what do you do with a giant fish after the parade is over? Bring him back to Petrie Island and milk him for all he is worth! He is now the center piece of where we fish in Baitshop Bay. Many people took pics and videos which we have compiled into a video and uploaded it to Youtube.
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Lookin' for your Canadian Tire Money!

Big Al is collecting Canadian Tire money again this season to help buy a few more door prizes for the Petrie Island ice fishing derby on February 15th. Al has bought some great door prizes over the past few years and it was your donations of Canadian Tire money that helped!

Check your drawers... check your pockets... check your glove box... and drop off your spare Canadian Tire money at Big Al's hut early in season.

Remember, it's all for a good cause because all profits money made at the derby go directly to a good cause somewhere in the Ottawa area.

Check out our float in the parade!

For the second year, PIIFA had a float in the Orleans Santa's Parade of Lights. This year, we stepped it up from last year by constructing a giant walleye to go with Sylvain's hut. The fish was a huge undertaking for PIFFA members and from what we saw along the parade route, everyone loved it!

It was a nice evening for a parade with a reported 100,000 folks watching 85 very nice floats. The PIIFA float and fish got a lot of cheering from the kids along the parade route. In total we gave out 4,000 candy canes from various sponsors. Overall a complete success, with grander plans already in he works for 2014.

Thanks to everyone made this happen including La Famille Beaudoin-Tessier: Rick, Christine and their daughters Brianna and Fionna; Sylvain and Dan Michaud, Billy Hum from KSLCS; The Grandmaitre Family of Petrie Island, The good people from Oziles Marina and Tackle at Petrie Island, Alain from A.J. Transport: Brian Masse; Allan Macintyre; Lenny who made the PIIFA banner and our candy cane girls, Mel and Lise.

The PIIFA float in Orlean's Santa's Parade of Lights.
The PIIFA float in Orlean's Santa's Parade of Lights.
The PIIFA float in Orlean's Santa's Parade of Lights.

PIIFA Ten Years.
Welcome to Ten Years of PIIFA

The Petrie Island Ice Fishermen's Association celebrates its 10th year this season.

It all started back in 2004 with a few ice fishermen sitting in a hut discussing ideas on how to combat the increase of vandalism, thefts and break-ins of that season. A few beers were shared and many ideas were tossed around. In the end, the group decided to start an association of ice fisherman. The main task of the association would be to bring hut owners together, so everyone could get to know each other and become a more tight-knit group for better security.

One of the first decisions made by the group back in February 2004 was to elect Big Al Macintyre as president of the association. So, a few beers; some brainstorming; and the Petrie Island Ice Fishermen's Association was born.

One of Big Al's first tasks as president was to figure how best to communicate with his fellow fishermen and the decision was made to start a website for the ice fishing community of Petrie Island. The website would issue security alerts but would also be used as tool to share resources with fellow ice fishermen including ice fishing news, photos, ice conditions and the fishermen's forum.

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The 2014 ice fishing derby at Petrie Island!

As we sit back, put our feet up on a chair and take in what we have accomplished in the ten years of PIIFA, we have decided NOT to organize an ice fishing derby this year! We loved organizing the derby over the years but decided to take a break this year.

2014 Ice Fishing derby at Petrie Island

Don't worry as Yves Grandmaitre and the good people at the Oziles Marina and Tackle have stepped up and will be organizing this year's event. We don't know too much yet but we do know that they will be changing the rules a bit to accommodate more ice fishermen.

Yves from Oziles mentioned that they are looking for donations for the event. If your company or organization can help out, contact Yves at Oziles, 613-841-0778.

In keeping with tradition, Big Al will collecting Canadian Tire money to buy prizes for the derby. Clean out your drawers, glove box, back seat and trunk and bring your Canadian Tire money to Big Al on opening day!

The 2014 derby will take place during the winter edition of Family Fishing Week-end on February 15, 2014. For the latest updates and information on the 2014 Oziles Ice Fishing Derby at Petrie Island, check out the events page.

The Photo of the Week

Trim Road gets washed out after the January 6 rain (Photo by Richard Beaudoin)

We have experienced some stange weather early this season. Minus 20's and 30's for the week after Christmas making for some great ice fishing conditions. Then Monday, January 6 saw +3c with torrential rain. Temperatures quickly dropped back to the minus 20's after the rain. It will take Trim road and the Baitshop Bay ice road several days to recover.

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