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Enjoy Your Summer at Petrie Island!

While our ice fishing season lasts just a couple of short months, Petrie Island continues to be a great destination for fishing and fun. The Petrie Island area has some of the best fishing in eastern Ontario and the Oziles Baitshop remains open year around for all your fishing needs. Oziles at Petrie Island is also the major marina in the area offering a full range of marina services for fishermen, boaters and sailors.

summer fishing a at Petrie Island

It doesn't stop there! Petrie Island is one of the best nature and recreational parks in Ottawa, great for bird watching, hiking and nature walks. There are two beaches on Petrie Island which play host to thousands of sunbathers and beach bums every summer.

Petrie Island also plays host to major Ottawa area festivals including the annual Carivibe Beach Festival in June, and the Canada Day Festival on July 1, just to name a few. What a great way to spend the summer with family and friends!

Regular updates on this website will resume in early December or when we see the first signs of ice forming in Baitshop Bay. Enjoy a festival, do a nature walk, rent a boat and enjoy your summer at Petrie Island! See you back here next December for another season of ice fishing!

The 2013 Ice Fishing Derby at Petrie Island
Another great day in support of CHEO

The sun was shining and the temperature was cold on Saturday, February 16 in Baitshop Bay at Petrie Island. More than 110 people registered for the 4th annual PIIFA ice fishing derby which is an annual invitational derby for the ice hut owners of Baitshop Bay and their invited guests.

Derby winners included Andre Paquette with the largest legally caught fish, a northern pike weighing in at 5.79 lbs. Matthieu Leverseur with the largest panfish, a 12" crappie and Claude Brisson with the smallest legally caught fish - a six inch perch. All fish caught on derby day were released alive and healthy which is one of the regulations set by the derby organizers.

This was another year that our derby was in support of CHEO. We raised a total of $1355.00 at the event which will be donated to CHEO at their telethon in June. Thanks to our many supporters, sponsors and volunteers who made our event such a memorable event

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2013 Petrie Island Ice Fishing in the media
Ottawa media

Local media has always had an interest in what we do for fun. Over the years we have had visits from most media outlets in the Ottawa area including local magazines, newspapers, radio and television. The 2013 season was no different when we had visits from most of the major media outlets. Some of the best include when Ottawa Sun blogger, Jeff Morrison paid us a visit and the great feature on PIIFA and Big Al Macintyre in the Local Tourist Ottawa blog.



The Photo of the Week

A few hut owners hold out for one last week-end (Photo by Sylvain Michaud)

With the warm weather of early March, most ice hut owners started moving their huts off the ice. By the week-end of March 9, all huts were off the ice except for a few die-hards who just had to have one more week-end on the ice. There is absolutely no danger here as the huts are close to shore and ready to be pulled off at a moment's notice. The deadline to get huts off the ice as set by the MNR is March 15.

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