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Meatings Food Shack: The reviews are in!

Several weeks ago we were informed that a snack will be on the ice for the 2013 ice fishing season. No doubt that this was a deal negotiated by the good people at the Oziles Baitshop. What a great idea because we have not seen a food shack for several years. It saves the hassle of having to stop fishing to cook a meal or driving into Orleans to pick up some fast food. The menu is not extensive but adequate enough for the ice fishermen in the village. Many of us have had a chance to sample their menu and the reviews are in!

Meatings Food Shack

Carolyn and John had a chance to sample the breakfast at the Meatings Food Shack. Carolyn had the breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon and cheese on an English muffin while John had the "Morning Meating" which was a complete and full breakfast with 2 fried eggs, bacon, fried cubed potatoes, homemade beans and a toasted English muffin. Both agreed that their meal was almost perfect for something cooked in a remote location except both said their English muffin was a little soggy and not really toasted.

Phil and Dan told us about their dinner experience at the food shack. Dan had large poutine which looked like a meal for two. He said that it was possibly the best poutine that he had ever tasted. Phil ordered the butcher's hamburger which he said was absolutely fantastic but was disappointed by the fact that he couldn't get some fries with that. Apparently the food shack had shut down the fryer too soon and the fries were not to be had.

It looks like the Meatings Food Shack is a hit on the ice! If you haven't visited the shack yet, we suggest you try out any of the breakfasts or the butcher's hamburger. What a great idea to have them on the ice! Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

Big Al Macintyre
The Canadian Tire Money Drive

Big Al is collecting Canadian Tire money to be able to buy more door prizes for our derby on February 16th. He started this last year but it seems not many people knew. He told us last week that he hopes to raise $50.00 in Canadian Tire money in time for this year's derby. Well, we think he can do way better than that! We think he can do way, way better! We're hoping Big Al will top out at triple of what he was looking for but he needs your help!

Check your drawers... check your pockets... check your glove box... and drop off your spare Canadian Tire money at Big Al's hut any time before the derby. Remember, it all goes for a good cause as all profits from the derby go directly to CHEO at their next telethon.

Show your support for PIIFA

Our friend, Big Louis has PIIFA window stickers for sale. He is selling them at a cost of $3 and tells us that all profits will be given to CHEO at our annual derby. See Big Louis at his Bear Den for your PIIFA sticker.

Great Pics from the Current Season

We're getting some great photos from the ice fishermen of Baitshop Bay but we more photos for our 2013 Anglers Gallery. How was your week-end? These people had a great time. We wanna see your photos!!! Send us your best pics using the email link at the bottom of the page.

Marc Leclair
Petrie Island Fishing
Sylvain Michaud

The 2013 PIIFA Ice Fishing Derby
PIIFA Derby set for Saturday, February 16

The 4th annual Petrie Island Ice Fishermen's Association ice fishing derby is an invitational derby for the ice hut owners of Baitshop Bay, Petrie Island, Ontario and their invited guests.

Our annual derby is held in conjunction with the winter version of the Ontario Family Fishing Week-end, so if you are new to ice fishing, a fishing permit or Ontario Outdoors Card are not needed to participate in the derby.

This is the 4th year that PIIFA has organized the event. Since our humble beginning in 2008, we have seen the event grow and become more popular each year. The prize structure for this year's derby remains the same as in previous years: prizes for the largest legal fish by weight; the largest legal panfish by weight; and the smallest legally caught fish.

The big change this year is we are selling advance registration packs at a reduced price during the week leading up to the event. We are offering the advance registration to try and cut the long line-ups to register on derby day. Advance registration will cost $20.00. Registration on the day of the event will cost $25.00.

As a non-profit event, 50% of all money raised through registration will go to winners in three prize categories. The other 50% will be donated to CHEO at their annual telethon. We remind everyone that this is an invitational event open to the ice hut owners of Baitshop Bay and their guests. Check out the complete details on The 2013 PIIFA ice fishing derby >>>



The Photo of the Week

We're Still Shaking Our Heads

This guy appeared on the ice last Saturday and no one knows who he was or why was he there. A quick Google search didn't answer any of our questions. He's not a mascot of any Ottawa sports team and he has nothing to do with Winderlude. So who was he? We're still shaking our heads wondering. A few of us took advantage of his visit and got some photos with the guy. If you know who he is, please send us an email.

UPDATE FROM FRANCINE MARTIN: The Bonhomme Waldo Jr. is Luc Guertin. He's got a few videos on youtube, he`s built a few giant snowmen (see link) and a giant wall, an igloo in his back yard which he sometimes sleeps in. He plans on building an igloo at Petrie.

See Luc's story in the Ottawa Sun >>>

More Photos of the week