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The 2013 PIIFA Ice Fishing Derby
PIIFA Derby set for Saturday, February 16

The 4th annual Petrie Island Ice Fishermen's Association ice fishing derby is an invitational derby for the ice hut owners of Baitshop Bay, Petrie Island, Ontario and their invited guests.

Our annual derby is held in conjunction with the winter version of the Ontario Family Fishing Week-end, so if you are new to ice fishing, a fishing permit or Ontario Outdoors Card are not needed to participate in the derby.

This is the 4th year that PIIFA has organized the event. Since our humble beginning in 2008, we have seen the event grow and become more popular each year. The prize structure for this year's derby remains the same as in previous years: prizes for the largest legal fish by weight; the largest legal panfish by weight; and the smallest legally caught fish.

The big change this year is we are selling advance registration packs at a reduced price during the week leading up to the event. We are offering the advance registration to try and cut the long line-ups to register on derby day. Advance registration will cost $20.00. Registration on the day of the event will cost $25.00.

As a non-profit event, 50% of all money raised through registration will go to winners in three prize categories. The other 50% will be donated to CHEO at their annual telethon. We remind everyone that this is an invitational event open to the ice hut owners of Baitshop Bay and their guests. Check out the complete details on The 2013 PIIFA ice fishing derby >>>

Patrick Norman - Ottawa River Pike
News from somewhere on Baitshop Bay

What a way to start the 2013 season! Patrick Norman sent in the first photo of the 2013 ice fishing season. He caught this 31 inch pike in Baitshop Bay on January 9th. Nice one Patrick! We want to see more photos like this on our website! Use the "contact us" link on the bottom of the page to send us yours!

Ice road is open again

The cold weather has returned and the ice road in the village is open again. Visitors must use caution and stay on the established ice road.

We are still working on the webcam

Our webcam is still not working. We worked at getting the antenna installed last week-end but the WIFI signal was just not strong enough. It's quite the task because we would like to broadcast from the middle of Baitshop Bay which is almost a kilometer from the source. Looks like it will not work, so now Yves from the baitshop is working with an IP cam and a directional antenna. We'll set it up sometime soon and see if it works. If not, we will broadcast using a WIFI hotspot from a cell phone. Stay tuned kids! We will get the webcam working!

Our website was down for 12 hours

Yes kids, our website was hacked. Google red flagged our website and contacted us on Wednesday afternoon. With that, damage control went into full swing! In the end, we deleted the entire directory, uploaded our back-up and changed all the passwords. We contacted Google late last night to let them know the problem was resolved and everything was back to normal on Thursday morning! That's the short story of what happened, the actual work on restoring the website took almost 6 hours. At one point in the middle of the mad scramble, we were one click away from signing up for using GoDaddy. Cost for that would have been about $60 or $70 a year, so we probably would have passed the hat for donations to keep the website going. Our free web provider is very reliable but if any sort of problem like this comes up again, we will migrate over to GoDaddy and pay what they ask.

Minor tractor mishap puts back opening day

Just as the season was about to begin, the Oziles tractor went through the ice near the ramp from Trim Road. They managed to get it out but it delayed opening day by several days. The guys from Oziles worked hard all day to dig it out of the ice. Remarkably it didn't sustain any major damage. When it was pulled out of the water, it was ok and they drove it back to the baitshop. Awesome!! Click any pic to enlarge.

Tractor at Petrie Island 1
Tractor at Petrie Island 2
Tractor at Petrie Island 3

ice fishing FAQ
New to ice fishing at Petrie Island?

We frequently receive email from people asking questions about ice fishing at Petrie Island. The questions might seem obvious to a person who is a regular on the ice but not so to a person who has never experienced the fun of ice fishing. In an attempt to provide the answers to most questions asked, we have added an ice fishing F.A.Q. page to the website.
Read the Ice Fishing F.A.Q.'s >>>

Ice fishing ruler
How big was that fish???

Every season we hear stories of someone catching a fish that was too big to get through the hole. Sure, there are some great stories without witnesses; the big one that got away, but some of us have actually seen huge fish! One comes to mind in 2010 when Juan Carlos Vasquez de Valasco was experiencing ice fishing for the first time at Petrie Island when he hooked into a huge muskie at the drop off. A 10 inch hole and we only saw the muskie's nose. Was it a record? We know there are huge muskie in the area but we'll never know about this fish because it was too big for the hole.

Holes are getting wider as fishermen get more adventurous. We could see a record sometime soon because of the area where we fish. Check out the list of Ontario records to know what you're after. We've had the link on the website for years but had it buried on the kids page! Now it's time for everyone to know! The Ontario Fish Records database >>>



The Photo of the Week

A really great photo op in Orleans

On a recent trip to Billy Hum's place in Orleans, we took advantage of a great photo op but didn't really know how to interpret what we saw. Billy refused to answer all questions, so we will have to create our own conclusions on what we saw:

1. Was Billy just well prepared for the upcoming ice fishing season with his auger and stockpile of Coors Lite?

2. Was Santa really good to him, bringing him a nice new ice auger and a palate of beer?

3. Did he rob a dépanneur in Québec?

These are just a few scenarios of what we think might have been happening at Billy Hum's place in early January 2013... but we will probably never know the true story.

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