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The webmaster is outa here!
The Webmaster is outa here!

This is real bad timing but there will be no updates on the website until after the end of season because the webmaster is outa here and off to the Bahamas for a different kind of fishing. We will back with final updates and "Big Al's Season Ending Recap" sometime after March 15. We still encourage everyone to send in their stories and photos from the 2012 ice fishing season at Petrie Island and we will post everything when he returns.

Season ending ic hut removal
Season Ending Ice Hut Removal

With the season coming to an end, here are the guidelines for the removal of your hut as recommended by The Oziles Tackle Shop. This takes a lot of coordination with you and Oziles as all huts must be off the ice by March 15.

  • Your hut storage fees must be paid by the end of February. At time of payment for storage, a card will be given to you to put in your hut window. They say, "No pay, no pull, no storage".
  • Hut storage is on a first come/first paid/first to pick your best storage spot basis. Oziles will do their best to accommodate everyone's request, but there are no guarantees.
  • When hut removal begins, it will be on an hourly basis, ½ hour intervals for the smaller huts.

If you are not using the towing and storage service of The Oziles Tackle Shop, your ice hut must be removed from the ice before March 15. When removing your hut, make sure that you leave your area totally free of all debris including bottles, garbage, old wood and cigarette butts.

The Ice Huts of Petrie Island
Syvain Michaud's "Home Away From Home"

“It’s my comfy home away from home” That’s what Sylvain Michaud calls his ice hut on Baitshop Bay. Sylvain was born in Montreal and moved to the Ottawa area with his family when he was a child. A true lover of anything outdoors, he has been part of the ice fishing community at Petrie Island for 16 years and built his most recent ice hut 4 years ago.

Like most ice fishermen at Petrie Island, Sylvain enjoys ice fishing but what keeps him coming back to the area is the people of the village. “We have all kinds here, from politicians to contractors, delivery boys to retired police officers and everyone in between. It’s a microscopic slice of a real community and I like that!”

“Like many people around here, I usually stay over for the entire week-end. It is a good time to bond with my son, Daniel; entertain visitors in my hut; or watch a Saturday evening hockey game on my satellite television.”

In the off season, Sylvain and his son spend many week-ends camping on Otter Lake, north-west of Ottawa but when autumn arrives, his thoughts always go back to ice fishing and when he can get back on the ice, “The ice fishing season is always short but it’s the highlight of my year… I love coming here!”

When asked about the largest fish he ever caught at Petrie Island, he sank a bit in his chair and said in a hush voice, “a 4.5 pound northern pike”. With the fish we’ve seen this season at Petrie, we know Sylvain or Daniel will better that fish very soon.

Those who have met Sylvain on the ice say he one of those unforgettable characters who make our ice fishing community what it is.

Sylvain Michaud's Hut
Les Michauds

Great Pics of Petrie Island from a Cessna

Marc Joly of The Bema Shack recently rented a Cessna for a veiw of Ottawa which few people get to see. Along on the flight were his daughter, Mischa and his parents. While they did get to see great views of Ottawa from above, Marc could not resist to ask the pilot to fly east toward Orleans and Petrie Island. These are a few of the excellent photos that Marc took of the 2012 ice fishing village at Petrie Island.

Petrie Island from a Cessna 1
Petrie Island from a Cessna 2

The 2012 PIIFA Ice Fishing Derby

Everyone says it was the best derby ever!

The third annual PIIFA Ice Fishing Derby was held February 11, and was another smashing success. The derby raised close to $1500.00 which will be donated to CHEO at their annual telethon in June.

The 2012 Ice Fishing Derby at Petrie Island

This is our second derby in support of CHEO which has proven popular among our fellow ice fishermen because the money raised goes to support children in our area. Our money will help fund research, buy equipment, train staff, and add to the pediatric nature of the hospital.

Fishermen at this year’s derby were rewarded by the appearance of "Big Jim" Mclaughlin from Just Fishing Magazine. Big Jim's visit was brief because he had two other derbies to attend in the Eastern Ontario area. He stayed long enough for a few photos with the organizers and to drop off gifts of lures, rods and flashlights which were handed out at random to lucky participants during the derby.

Derby winners included Mario Nadeau for the largest fish, a 6.1 pound sturgeon; Yvon Martin with the largest panfish, a 10 ounce perch; and Guy Leclaire for the smallest fish, a 5.5 inch perch. All fish caught on derby day were released alive and healthy which is one of the regulations set by the derby organizers.

Thanks to our many supporters, sponsors and volunteers who made our event such a memorable event including Yves Grandmaitre from the Oziles Baitshop; Big Jim McLaughlin from Just Fishing Magazine; Marc Joly from Wiznia and the good people from CAA. Check out our complete list of our supporters, sponsors and volunteers who made this event possible.

We plan to do it all over again next season. If you have ideas on how we can improve the event or your company can offer support with door prizes, do not hesitate to contact Us.

Check out the photos from the event >>>



The Photo of the Week

So, Which way is Home? (Photo by Ann Guay)

Sylvain Perrier constructed this marvellous road sign directing us to some of the most popular huts in Baitshop Bay but he neglected to add the sign pointing in the direction of home. With the 2012 ice fishing season winding down, some of us might have forgotten where we live. Sylvain? Can you add one more sign?

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