Gentlemen... The Season is on us

Just a few weeks ago many were panicking, wondering if the 2012 ice fishing season would ever happen because of the unseasonably warm early winter weather. Father Nature has finally come through with some cold nights to thicken up the ice in Baitshop Bay. While one hut is already on the ice, this one is a lightPetrie Island - Ottawa weight and everyone else will have to wait at least a few more days. The present ice thickness in Baitshop Bay averages at 8 to 9 inches, so we need just a few more cold nights to officially launch ice-on 2012. People close to action tell us there will be no activity this week-end but hut towing could begin as early as Monday, January 9th. A more likely scenario would be major on-ice towing beginning the week-end of Saturday, January 14.

The long range weather forecast is looking good at this point but nothing is guaranteed because of the weird weather we have seen this season. The baitshop will not tow any huts out until the ice has reached a minimum of 12 inches. Check into this website often for the latest information and the latest ice thickness reports. As always, if you been on the ice, submit an ice report to help keep everyone informed of the latest conditions.

To Reserve your towing time, stop in at the Oziles baitshop or call them at 613-841-0778.

Early Season Photos from Baitshop Bay

While most of us are watching and waiting from shore hoping the ice will thicken, Dan Kearney has been out in his portable a few times hooking into some really nice early season fish. Dan recently moved to Ottawa from the Belleville area and is enjoying the quality of fishing in our area. We figure Dan will want to buy a permanent hut once he sees how much fun we have when all our huts are on the ice.

Petrie Island Fishing Petrie Island Fishing Petrie Island Fishing

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The PIIFA 2012 ice fishing derby

Coming events for 2012 at Petrie

The 2011 PIIFA Invitational Ice Fishing Derby has been penciled in for Saturday, February 11, 2012. This is a private derby open to all hut owners of Baitshop Bay, Petrie Island and their guests. Our derby has proven to be popular in past years with tons of fun and prizes. Again this year, all profits raised in the derby will be given to CHEO at their annual spring telethon. Cost to enter the all day event is $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for kids, 16 and under. Also on the calendar for 2012 is our annual group photo scheduled for Sunday, January 29 at 1:00 p.m. near Big Al's hut.

See all the events for our 2012 season at Petrie Island on our events page including printable posters for all scheduled events.

childhood photos

Memories of our Childhood

Most of us have been fishing since we were kids. Many of us have memories of Dad or an Uncle taking you out fishing for the day to some distant lake that really wasn't that far away. Seeing that red and white bobber going under and getting the chance to pull in a big one like a perch or a sunfish. Chances are you also you have some old photos of that first "big" fish and we would like you to share one of those photos with us. This is not a contest but just a chance for everyone to share their photos of their early fishing days. If we get enough photos we'll create a page just for them. Send your best to our regular email address:

Have You tried the PIIFA Forum?

The PIIFA Forum is probably the most The PIIFA Forumunderutilised part of our website. Have you checked it out? This is the place to go to brag about your recent big fish... or tell us about the one that got away. It's a place to tell everyone about your tips about catching huge walleye. You can complain about all those dogs barking or the guy you saw littering. You can post an ad for something that you want to buy or sell. Did we mention you can even upload photos?

There are few rules to the PIIFA forum but we ask that you be over 12 years old (for legal reasons), no profanity, no spamming and as always, no love personals.

Lennie and Clay


by Sophie Lacoste

My son Jeremy went fishing a few weeks ago at Petrie Island. He arranged for me to pick him up late in the afternoon. Since the day was very mild, I naturally thought that he would be fishing from shore. To my horror I found him fishing way out on the thin ice near Petrie Island. He assured me that the ice was thick enough to walk on.

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