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The 2012 La Nina
La Nina Promises Another Up and Down Season is promising a very cold winter for B.C. and Alberta this winter because of La Nina, but says the same weather phenomenom will cause up and down weather in eastern North America.

The website is forecasting that western Canada will see temperatures as much as five degrees lower than normal as several arctic air masses slide down through British Columbia and Alberta this coming winter. As we have seen in the past where the cold weather in the west, warmer weather is always pushed toward the east.

If the prediction holds true, we can expect a warmer winter in the Ottawa area, probably with more rain than we are used to. As always with Canadian weather predictions and the El Nino/La Nina phenomenom, these predictions could change at any time and without warning. If you want the true weather prediction for this winter at Petrie Island, flip a coin.

Ice shack  towing
Jack up your hut before the season begins

All huts stored at Petrie Island should be put up on blocks before the ground freezes. This facilitates moving the huts at the beginning of the ice fishing season.

When the ice in the Bay reaches a minimum of 30 centimetres, Oziles will start hauling huts out on the ice. Depending on the weather, this usually begins in late December or sometime in January.

  • Your hut storage fees must be paid in full before the boys from Oziles will even think about hauling your hut on to the ice.
  • Contact Oziles at 613-841-0778 to make arrangements to get your hut hauled on the ice.

More ice hut info >>>

Your childhood fishing photos
Memories of our Childhood

Most of us have been fishing since we were kids. Many of us have memories of Dad or an Uncle taking you out fishing for the day to some distant lake that really wasn't that far away. Seeing that red and white bobber going under and getting the chance to pull in a big one like a perch or a sunfish. Chances are you also you have some old photos of that first "big" fish and we would like you to share one of those photos with us. This is not a contest but just a chance for everyone to share their photos of their early fishing days. If we get enough photos we'll create a page just for them.

Send your best to us >>>.

PIIFA website 2012 version
Notice Something Different?

Since our website began in 2004, we've seen many changes and looks each year. As more and more pages were added to the site, we found that we had created a monster which was getting too hard to work with. So here ya go... A brand new website! With this new design, we have smoothed things out using the latest in web design technology which will be much easier for us to work with. Even better, we eliminated most of the flash slideshows which had everyone with iPods, iPhones and iPads up in arms. We have replaced all the slideshows with a format that is compatible with all browsers.

With the new design, we also decided to drop the French mirror pages on the site. During the three seasons of our French experiment, we discovered that the French pages were getting a mere 3% of the total hits on our site. Frankly, the hit ratio did not justify the work. Not is all lost for all of our French speaking friends and fishermen as we have added a translation app on the landing page menu just under the webpoll. Go ahead a click it! When clicked the site automatically turns into French! Thanks to Francine Martin and Martin Désy for their quick and excellent translation work during the three years of our French experiment. Enjoy your visit on our new look website and let us know how you like it.



The Photo of the Week

Preparing for the 2012 Ice FIshing Season (Photo by Big Al Macintyre)

Preparing for the upcoming ice fishing season at Petrie Island: Lennie (from Cape Breton) and Clay (from Newfoundland) are the two lads working hard building their new hut in preparation for the 2012 ice fishing season at Petrie Island. This photo of the boys and their new ice hut was taken on Thanksgiving week-end but is now close to being finished. These guys are great guys and they should be fun on the ice.

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