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Ron Zinn and Francine Martin
No winter, no cold, no snow and definitely no ice fishing

The ice huts at Petrie Island are gone for another season. As much as I hate winter, I find that each season I grow a little fonder of ice fishing at Petrie Island . Ice fishing for me is more than just baiting a hook and dropping it through a hole in the ice. Ice fishing for me has become a term which I should rename to “keeping me sane in winter”. It’s about getting away from the big City of Montreal and heading to a place where everyone is down to earth and friendly. It is a social event that helps me forget about being cold. It has gotten to a point where real ice fishing has become secondary to everything else happening on the ice.

Thanks to long time friend, Big Al, I have kept sane in winter because of PIIFA and what it’s all about; otherwise I might have moved to Arizona years ago. Like I keep telling people, if it were up to me there would be no winter, no cold, no snow and definitely no ice fishing.

Blame it all on that snow and cold but I did not catch many fish this season. My biggest fish was a half pound sauger at the drop-off. Regardless of my lack of fish, the 2011 season for me was the best that I have ever experienced. We organized a few events that I am especially proud of. Our mid-season group photo saw friends and fishermen gather together in the bitter cold for a few great photos.

Our second annual derby was hugely successful. We raised a bunch of money which will be donated to CHEO at their next telethon. A really big thanks to everyone who participated in the derby and thanks to all the supporters and sponsors.

The 2011 PIIFA Derby - Al Macintyre, Big Jim McLaughlin and Yves Grandmaitre

The PIIFA website continues to get more popular each season with most of hits coming from the Ottawa valley. In the off-season, we will be working on new technology for our webcam and hope to have it online for the 2012 season. We are still looking for donations to help get this going. We still are in need of a laptop; any kind will do but must have Windows XP or better. It can be an old and crappy, working or not working, we just need it to run the cam and connect to WiFi. We also need a trickle charge battery or a Canadian Tire brand Eliminator 12-V power pack, an antenna and a WiFi repeater unit. Cash donations would also be appreciated to help purchase these items. If you can help, please contact us.

While working on your huts during the summer months, please keep your area clean. This means picking up after yourself every day. Do not leave litter, construction material and debris lying around. Not only is it unsightly but could be dangerous. Please make use of the refuse container provided by the Oziles. If there is no container available, take your garbage home with you and discard it on garbage day. Also, don’t forget, Oziles does not permit fires or any kind in the hut storage area. Yes, even in your wood stove!

This website is taking the summer off, so see you right back here when website updates resume in early December. Have a great summer!

Ottawa River Ice Fog
Sun Breaks The Ottawa River Ice Fog

Story and photos by Guy Jolivet

A sleepover in my ice hut at Petrie Island usually has me waking up to the sounds of whining snowmobiles, ice augers and barking dogs. The morning of Tuesday, March 1 was like no other and I woke to the sound of nothing but chirping birds. As I stepped out of the Bema Shack I was taken back by the sight of the beautiful morning sunrise shrouded by the ice fog of Baitshop Bay. The sight forced me to grab my camera to savor such a glorious experience.

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The Photo of the Week

Petrie Island from Above (Photos by Yves Grandmaitre)

Oziles' owner, Yves Grandmaitre took another trip to the top of Petrie's Landing Condominiums for a great aerial photo of the 2011 ice fishing village in Baitshop Bay at Petrie Island. Click on the photo for the full size version and zoom in on the huts. Thanks Yves for a great photo!

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