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The 2011 PIIFA Derby on the Ottawa River
The 2011 PIIFA Ice Fishing Derby a great success!

with Ronald Zinn

The snow squalls cleared in time for the 2nd Annual PIIFA Invitational Ice Fishing Derby held in Petrie Island's Baitshop Bay on Saturday, February 12, 2011. Near perfect weather conditions contributed to where we almost doubled the attendance of the first derby at 88 contestants.

A great time was had by everyone but fishing was not ideal on this day and not many fish were caught. Unlike the first derby, there were no lunkers caught and there was no storybook finish. Winners included Joey Chaput with 3.9 pound northern pike in the largest fish category. Len Porquet won the largest panfish category with an 11.5" perch and Ryland won in the category of smallest legally caught fish with a perch measuring in at just 6.25".

Congrats also to Rollande Lanthier for her win in the draw. Thanks to everyone who participated in the event and thanks to the individuals and organizations who donated prizes for the event. A great big thanks goes out to Big Jim McLaughlin who showed up totally unannounced to donate door prizes and giveaways for all the participants.

ll profits from the event will be donated to CHEO in the name of PIIFA at their next telethon.

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The Pop Tart Boys
The Pop Tart Boys Entertain International Crowd

with Bob Gregoire

The Pop Tart boys, consisting of JP Perrier, Bob Gregoire and Bob Presland packed them in on Sunday with a Winterlude music extravaganza at Petrie Island.

Visiting Australians literally took over the place. The place was packed wall to wall and it was prudent door control that prevented an unsafe situation. The music flowed out of the building and onto the ice where many more Aussis awaited their turn to get into the place..

This reminds me of my youth in college when we used to pack Volkswagons with students" one musical lover stated. At the conclusion, parting drinks were shared amongst the many new friends.

This makes it clear. The largest fan base for the Pop Tart Boys is now in Australia along with Petrie Island!

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Ice Hut Removal
Season Ending Ice Hut Removal

Here are the guidelines for the removal of your hut at the end of the season as recommended by The Oziles Tackle Shop. This takes a lot of coordination with you and Oziles as all huts must be off the ice by March 15.

  • Your hut storage fees must be paid by the end of February. At time of payment for storage, a card will be given to you to put in your hut window. They say, "No pay, no pull, no storage".
  • Hut storage is on a first come/first paid/first to pick your best storage spot basis. Oziles will do their best to accommodate everyone's request, but there are no guarantees.
  • When hut removal begins, it will be on an hourly basis, half hour intervals for the smaller huts.

If you are not using the towing and storage service of The Oziles Tackle Shop, your ice hut must be removed from the ice before March 15. When removing your hut, make sure that you leave your area totally free of all debris including bottles, garbage, old wood and cigarette butts.



The Photo of the Week

Great Photography: Beauty and the Fish (Photos by Amber-Lee Sowa)

Amber-Lee Sowa sent us this great photo of a stunningly beautiful mystery woman and her walleye. It was a totally random photo taken by Amber-Lee a few weeks ago on the ice at Petrie Island. We don't know who the Woman is or what she was doing in the photo. Was she posing for the photo? Was she apologizing to the fish for her catching it or just mesmerized because she finally caught one. Such beauty and great photography are worthy of a magazine cover. Thank you Amber-Lee for the great photo and… lady in the photo? We want to know who you are… just to thank you for brightening everyone's day.

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