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The Baitshop Bay 'O' Road
The 2011 Season is set to begin this week-end

with Big Al Macintyre

You might see a few huts on the ice before but the 2011 ice fishing season is set to begin this week-end.

While many hut owners had planned to put their huts on the ice last week-end, the ice thickness was not safe enough at 21 centimetres. Yves Grandmaitre, the owner of the baitshop told us, "Many people wanted to put out but we had to prevent it for safety reasons." Yves also told us that the ice thickness near the entrance was even thinner at 18 centimetres which made conditions unsafe.

With the cold nights forecast all this week, conditions will be perfect to thicken the ice and start moving the huts out early Saturday. If your hut is stored at Oziles and you need a tow, stop in at the baitshop to reserve your tow time or give them a call at 613-841-0778. Looking forward to get the season going.

Look for a different configuration to the ice road this season. We are looking to set up the much talked about 'O' road where all vehicle traffic will be directed in a circle around the ice hut village. Doing this will eliminate the popular middle road leaving the centre of the bay for people, huts and fishing. It will take a great deal of cooperation from everyone on the ice but it should be fun.

Also this week-end, PIIFA will be selling sweatshirts and hoodies with the new PIIFA logo designed by Juan Carlos Vasquez de Velasco. They are great quality Gildan's in navy blue. We have sizes from adult medium to XXL but all are in very limited quantity. The sweats and hoodies will be available for sale on the ice when the season begins. With the limited quantity of these, they will sell out fast. If you miss out this year, we will probably do it all over again next season with a new design.

Ice hut not for rent
News from The Oziles' Baitshop

Oziles will be asking anyone with a rental sign to take it down as it impacts their main source of income in the winter. They told us that they will not start taking rentals off the ice but they will be asked to move their hut to Walleye Bay.

Oziles also told us that they are looking for volunteers to organize a pond hockey tournament at some time during the season. All this to tell us that they would like to ask all hut owners not to make personal ice rinks this season due to the limited space on the ice. For more information on the pond hockey tournament and information about renting your hut, see the boys in the baitshop.

Yves Grandmaitre, owner of the baitshop, sent us an interesting link showing the current water level and water level changes in our area on the Ottawa River. shows us that the water level in our area has risen more than one meter in the past month. We will post this on our links page.

The Oziles Baitshop recently started carrying the Salus brand of survival suits. They are offering the Salus Comfort Lite SS-1200 suit for a special price to PIIFA members. The suit has a MSRP of $400 and they are on sale in baitshop at $325, PIIFA members price is $300. Suits are ordered and take 1-2 days for delivery. Suits are on display in the baitshop and take just a day or two for delivery. Most other Salus products are available through Oziles at a discount to PIIFA members. Check out the Salus catalogue in the baitshop or check them out online: for details.

Coming Events for the 2011 Season

Take two for the second annual PIIFA ice fishing derby. Last year's season ending warm weather caused cancelation of our second annual PIIFA ice fishing derby which was scheduled for Saturday, February 27. PIIFA organizers decided to cancel the derby because the ice was just too unsafe. So we're going to try again. The 2011 PIIFA Invitational Ice Fishing Derby is ready to go on Saturday, February 12, 2011. We hope the weather cooperates this year!



The Photo of the Week

Ever Wonder What a Fish Sees? (Photo by Billy Hum)

An interesting self pic from Billy Hum taken a few weeks ago while the ice was still thin. Using his Olympus 6020 digital all-weather cam he took this interesting reverse shot of what a Petrie Island fish might see from an ice hole.

More Photos of the week