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   Latest News
The 2009 Season Recap
With Big Al Macintyre
   We'll be talking about the 2009 season for years to come. The season started on time,Allan Macintyre the weather was next to perfect and everyone caught tons of fish. We saw new people on the ice this season and everyone got a chance to bond like never before.
   Our website continued on averaging about 50 hits a day. Peak days were Thursdays and Fridays with up to 90 hits a day. Low days were week-ends but we know why: Everyone was on the ice!
   Our hugely popular webcam was up and down this season because of technical problems but came back for good on February 15. A team of tech guys couldn't figure out the problem but a guy from Montreal fixed it in 3 minutes with a quick climb up the pole to reattach the antenna.
   The website crew and PIIFA organized a great derby on February 28 which left everyone happy. It was a storybook ending to a great day with Lise Leclair catching a 5.6 pound pike with just seconds to go in the derby. The organizers promise that the PIIFA derby in 2010 will be even better.
   On a sad note, we learned that Bonnie Bergman died in a car accident in Orleans at the end of January. Bonnie and her husband Claude Chretien were avid ice fisherman and were well known to many people at Petrie Island. Bonnie, we'll miss you!
   We're taking time off from this website but will return with updates early in December 2009. Have a great summer and see you in 2010.

Missing a Front Page Story or a Photo of the Week?
   Our Photo of The Week feature is a hugely popular feature that we introduced to the website a few years ago. We have ice fishing photos of all kinds emailed to us infoduring the winter season and we try to post them all. Some are just wacky photos that have made the rounds on the internet while others are excellent photos of great fish and scenery from ice fishing at Petrie Island.
   If you missed our Photo of The Week or want to see them again, we don't usually delete them. Click on The Photo of The Week in the menu to see all the best photos from past pages. Click
   Even more Photos of The Week can be found in our Front Page Index Archive. The Front Page Index Archive is found on the Site Map page where we archive pretty well everything that has appeared on this website in the past few seasons. To get to our site map, click on the link at the bottom of the page
   As well as photos, you'll find stories and pages that are no longer current in our menu but can not be forgotten. Go ahead and check it out!
   News From Down on The Ice
The First Annual PIIFA Invitational Ice Fishing Derby
Story by Marc Joly and Guy Jolivet
    The fish in Baitshop Bay can once again rest easy with the conclusion of the first Annual PIIFA ice fishing derby on February 28. Of the 49 participants, Lise Leclair brought home the big prize with a 5.6 pound northern pike with what she said, "was the biggest fish I had ever caught."
    Lise took the suspense right to end by catching her winning fish with just Lise Leclairseconds left in the derby. Without as much as a nibble all day, Lise was calling it a day when the big pike took her bait. She told us, "At first, I thought it was snagged on something but then I felt it pulling. I knew it was something big but I was shocked when I actually saw how big it was, I knew it was the winner." This is a fish that Lise will be talking about for years to come.
    The derby was a non-profit event with all money returned to the participants in prizes. Al Macintyre, president of PIIFA told us before the event, "We wanted to organize a low key event just for the people who normally fish in Baitshop Bay. We've never done this before and wanted to get it right at the organizational level before organizing a fundraiser for a worthy charity next season. After the event, we'll sit back and see what we did right and check what can be improved, then start planning for the 2010 derby"
   Mr. Macintyre stressed that the annual PIIFA derby will never be an event with 5000 participants, "All our future derbies will be low key and only for the hut owners of Baitshop Bay and their friends. You'll never see the guys from FishHawk and we'll never be giving a jeep as first prize." He said he hopes to have at least 100 participants for the 2010 derby.
   Besides Lise Leclair and her 5.6 pound northern pike for the largest fish of the day, other winners included Pee-Wee for the largest panfish of the day and Rob Meledoro for the smallest legally caught fish of the day.
   Raffle winners included Bob Moreau, Francine Martin, Louis Cloutier, André Brind'Amour, Jacques Coté and Billy Hum.
   If you were a participant in the 2009 derby, we want to hear from you! Let us know how we can improve for next year's derby, plus we're making a list of possible charities for next year's derby. Send us an email or see us on the ice.

   Check out the photos from the derby >>>

Send Us Your Photos and Stories
   Your photos and stories are what makes our website work. We're always looking for photos of your day at Petrie Island plus we're always looking for stories and new ideas for the website. Send us your stuff using any of the email links on this page.
   The Photo Of The Week
Abby Stands Guard
Photo by Pam Franchellini
   With another ice fishing season finished, some people just refuse to give in. All the ice huts are long gone, but Frank Franchellini gets in a few more hours of spring ice fishing before the ice melts for good. His faithfull friend, Abby sits by guarding the catch of the day.

Petrie Island

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