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Break-in and Vandalism Reported on Baitshop Bay

A break-in to one of the huts was reported to us earlier this week. On the morning of February 14, Richard Tremblay showed up at his ice hut and discovered that his front door had been kicked in. Initial observations saw nothing stolen. In Richard's words: "Showed up the morning of February 14th and noticed the door ajar, obviously kicked in - nothing stolen - lots of beer caps and cigarette butts and one fresh pile of vomit beside the hut - seems to be young kids who used it just as a shelter to party in and around the hut - watch out for suspicious cars driving around huts - stop and ask them if they're looking for someone in particular."

Also, vandalism was reported on Baitshop Bay in the evening after Sylvain Martin's pick-up went through the ice. Vandals were reportedly heard smashing the windshield of the partially submerged truck. Keep your eyes and ears open people! Be observant!

Pick-up goes through the ice
Pick-up Goes Through the Ice

Two ice fishermen new to Petrie Island had a day they will not soon forget. Sylvain Martin and an unidentified friend were in their GMC pick-up early Saturday, February 7 when the ice cracked and the truck started to plunge.

The two gentelmen were driving between fishing huts went the pick-up went through the ice. They scrambled to safety before the truck went down. Both men were uninjured but didn't expect to find their truck in the same condition when it was pulled from the depths of the Ottawa river on Sunday.

The area where the truck went down was quite far out in Baitshop Bay and at the extreme end of the ice hut village. People tell us that although the ice on the ice road is 12 inches or more, ice thickness away from the ice road is as thin as 5 inches. Water depth in the area where the truck went down is said to be up to 11 feet. Witnesses told us the truck bottomed out at around 5 feet.

Check out the photos by Dan Boisvenue, Bob Gregoire and Francine Martin.

Is Your Ice Hut Insured?

Story by Francine Martin

The aftermath of the huge season ending winter storm of last year caused headaches and distress for most hut owners at Petrie Island. Many ice huts were damaged and others were totally destroyed. During the clean-up and what followed, many ice hut owners were left wondering if their ice huts were insured.

The first time I contacted my insurance broker to ask if my hut was covered I had them completely baffled. Even the insurance company (Federation/Economical) didn't have the answer for a few months. He finally told me that it probably wouldn't be worth a claim submission for many of the huts, but for some that are more like mini cottages...the costs to rebuild and replace the contents could really add up.

Other insurance companies contacted were also baffled by the request. One company told us that in 25 years in insurance, nobody had ever asked him that question. It took a while for the insurance to answer but finally, the answer was yes but a yes with quotes. He told us that individual owners might want to insure their huts depending on the cost of construction and the cost of the contents.

Most ice huts at Petrie Island probably would not be worth an insurance claim if something happens but if you own an expensive hut or have expensive contents, it could be wise to ask your insurance company if your ice hut is insured.

The 2009 Ice Fishing Derby
One Derby Down, Another Coming

With the Oziles sponsored ice fishing derby just over, another derby is set to go at Petrie Island. Al Macintyre, the PIIFA President recently announced that The First Annual PIIFA Invitational Ice Fishing Derby will take place on the ice at Petrie Island, February 28, 2009.

Mr. Macintyre told us that event would be an invitational derby for the ice hut owners of Petrie Island and their guests. Cost to enter is $10.00 and all money raised will go right back to the winners in 3 specific categories. The three prize categories include largest fish by weight; largest panfish by weight; and a fun category which Mr. Macintyre calls "The Smallest Legally Caught Fish."

The derby begins on Saturday, February 28 at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. with the official weigh-in on the ice at Big Al's hut at 4:10 p.m. Registration begins Friday, February 27 at noon and continues to the beginning of the derby the following day.

Season Ending Ice Hut Removal

Here are the guidelines for the removal of your hut at the end of the season as recommended by The Oziles Tackle Shop. This takes a lot of coordination with you and Oziles as all huts must be off the ice by March 15.

Your hut storage fees must be paid by the end of February. At time of payment for storage, a card will be given to you to put in your hut window. They say, "No pay, no pull, no storage".

Hut storage is on a first come/first paid/first to pick your best storage spot basis. Oziles will do their best to accommodate everyone's request, but there are no guarantees. When hut removal begins, it will be on an hourly basis, ½ hour intervals for the smaller huts.

If you are not using the towing and storage service of The Oziles Tackle Shop, your ice hut must be removed from the ice before March 15. When removing your hut, make sure that you leave your area totally free of all debris including bottles, garbage, old wood and cigarette butts.

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The Photo of the Week

Look up... Look waaaaaay up... and you might see Yves! (Photo by Yves Grandmaitre)

We've always wanted a photo like this. Oziles' owner, Yves Grandmaitre recently took a trip to the top of Petrie's Landing Condominiums for this fantastic view of Baitshop Bay during the peak of ice fishing season.

Petrie's Landing Condominiums' first tower is presently under construction on the shore of Baitshop Bay with more towers in the planning phase. Click on the photo to view a larger version.

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