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Break-ins Reported on Baie des Sables

We've had a report that several ice fishing huts were broken into on Baie des Sables a few weeks ago. No details were given except that several ice huts were broken into and some equipment was stolen. So far, no problems have been reported on Baitshop Bay this season, but if you hear of anything, please let us know.

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Webcam down more than up

The introduction of our Petrie Island ice fishing webcam last season was technological marvel. Many people were amazed at the continuous crystal clear images that were being broadcast from the middle of Baitshop Bay in the middle of winter. The cam was so popular, it doubled our website traffic in just one season and left many people asking "How do they do it?.

This season, our webcam has been plagued with problems and we've seen very few image updates. Wayne, our tech guy says the problem is at the repeater station on St-Joseph Boulevard. Wayne tells us that we are still getting updated images from time to time but not with the frequency we were used to last season. He says that he is working on the repeater problem and our webcam will be back with regularly updated images very soon.

In the meantime, he tells us that the latest uploaded image is usually available on our webcam page.

Salut! Bonjour!

Our website is going bilingual. Work has already begun at creating a mirror website in French to accommodate the French-speaking ice fishermen at Petrie Island. PIIFA President Al Macintyre recently mentioned, "It's something we've been thinking about since we launched the website five years ago. We realize that most French-speaking ice fishermen at Petrie speak English very well but offering the website in their own language is just something we had to do."

Mr. Macintyre expects the have the entire French mirror up and running in time for next season, but he says that in the meantime, many principal pages on the website have already been translated and others will follow in the upcoming weeks. Forms, photo pages and easter eggs will be translated last. Pages already translated have a clickable "Francais" near the top of the page. Likewise, if you are on a French page and want the English mirror page, there is a clickable "English" near the top of the page. Any French pages not yet translated will be redirected back to English until the French mirror is completed

Thanks to Francine Martin for taking on the huge task of translating most of the website. Also, thanks to Martin Désy who has also translated a few pages. The work continues...

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The 2009 Petrie Island Derby

More details for this year's derby are in. As we told you before, the Oziles' Petrie Island ice fishing derby will be held on Sunday, February 15, 2009 to coincide with the winter version of the Ontario Family Fishing Week-end.

The derby will be a fundraiser for CHEO (The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) and will include a 50-50 draw.

We are told that the derby itself will be a totally different format than in other years. It will be a short, four hour derby from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with a maximum of 150 preassigned holes determined by a draw. Holes will be drilled in a virgin area 6 to 10 feet apart on the morning of the derby. Depending on ice thickness, the derby could take place on the south channel, or farther out in pickerel bay.

There will be no huts and no tents for all the wimps... just you, your hole and your fishing equipment. Weigh in will be on the ice with only pike and pan fish eligible. As of now, the entry price and the prizes have not been announced. Keep checking this website for updates and information on the derby.

New Bait shop
The New Bait Shop

Oziles has a great new bait shop. It is in a large new trailer parked right beside the old bait shop. It looks like the new tackleshop is more than double the size of the old one. A quick look inside shows a large selection of tackle and other fishing equipment with the usual bait, minnows and worms. Also, they now have a huge selection of drinks and snacks for all the hungry fishermen.

We're Always Looking For Your Stories, Ideas and Photos

Your stories and your photos is what makes our website work. Anyone can write anything for the pages of this website:

-- Write a story about your day at Petrie Island and we'll put it right here on the front page!

-- Send us your techniques for catching the biggies and we'll put it on our hints and tips page.

-- We always enjoy hearing from kids with their stories, drawings and photos for the PIIFA Kids page.

and... we're always looking for photos from your day at Petrie Island to put on our photo pages. Send us an email with all your stuff!



The Photo of the Week

Mikaela and the Pike (Photo by Francine Martin)

Francine Martin sent in some great photos taken January 17 at Petrie Island.

Mikaela holding 7.8 pound Northern Pike. Forget the pike, the smile on Mikaela's face is precious! See more photos from the 2009 fishing season on our 2009 Anglers Gallery.

More Photos of the week