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Big Al Macintyre
It was Tough, but we did it!

The last week-end of the 2008 ice fishing season has been a huge challenge. With the huge storm and then the flood and slush, it was a season that we will not soon forget. It was hard work getting so many huts off the ice in such a short time, but Yves and the guys from Oziles' worked with many volunteers and the job was completed as quickly as time, the weather and daylight permitted.

Volunteers showed up every day, it was great to see everyone working together in a co-ordinated effort. Some guys worked to keep the ice-road passable by packing the road with their sleds and quad runners, others worked in teams getting frozen huts dug out of the ice. Strangers were helping strangers, everybody helped push and pull huts, carry chains and work with the heavy jacks and pry bars.

The ice fishing community at Petrie Island had a bad experience after the storm, but through that experience I personally got to meet a lot of great people I'd never met before, the regulars came through as always and I learned how to winch an hut along the ice with a chain tied to a log placed in a hole drilled in the ice at a 30 degree angle (thanks for that Peewee!).

The 2007-2008 season has finished for the ice-hut community at Petrie but we'll all have great stories to talk about next year when we're back on the ice for the 2008-2009 season.

Many people sent in photos of the aftermath of the 2008 season, click here to see them.

The website will be taking a break for the summer and updates will resume in early December. Hope to see you on the ice next season.
--Big Al

No news is good news

There have been no reports of vandalism or thefts on the ice for the last four ice fishing seasons! This could be because of the added security measures initiated by the Oziles Tackle shop and/or the awareness of our fellow fishermen on the ice. So our security alerts page is still empty going into the 2009 ice fishing season. Let's see how long we can go without a security alert! Stay aware and report anything suspicious to the people at Oziles.

A Season We Won't Soon Forget

Except for the last week of the 2008 season, it was one of the best ever at Petrie Island. Everyone had a great time, the weather was reasonable and we all caught lots of fish.

Ottawa Magazine 2007

As the season began, there was a fantastic six page feature about Petrie Island ice fishing in Ottawa magazine. If you missed it, we archive everything. Read it here.

We also saw this website grow with new features including our on-the-ice webcam, and people are still asking, "How'd he do that?" Without explaining too much, I will tell you that we will be trying for faster refreshes next season. Also next season, our on-the-ice webcam will be featured on The Weather Network and The Weather Network Website. How cool is that!

Our website saw more daily hits than we've ever seen. In fact, we had as many hits this season than the last three combined, so someone's checking us out!

On the ice, A-Channel Morning came down and did their morning show from the ice on February 19, check out the photos on the 2008 events page.

This season's Oziles ice fishing derby on March 1 was usual, a great success. It was a combined effort with the guys from FishHawk to raise funds for The Hopewell Eating Disorder Centre. Prizes were awarded for the biggest fish in two categories, with draws for other prizes donated by generous sponsors. In the end, The Hopewell Centre was the real winner with almost $4,000.00 raised. The weather was not perfect, but a big thanks to everyone that participated.

On a sad note to the 2008 season, we heard of the passing of 18 year old Jessica Perrier, the daughter of Sylvain. She died accidentally on Thursday March 6, 2008 near Rockland. She was a fun loving kid who loved ice fishing at Petrie Island with her family. Everyone who met Jessica loved her big smile!

Ice Fishing Photo
Hey! Got any good pics?

We know that most people bring their cameras to Petrie Island in the winter. We want to see your best photos and all the great fish you caught! All our photo albums need your photos! Make yourself proud and show us what you caught! Use the link at the left to send us your best!



The Photo of the Week

The Lone Remaining Ice Fishing Hut on the ice (Photo by Kenny Cross)

It took many days to remove ice fishing huts from Baitshop Bay at Petrie Island after the 2008 ice fishing season was over. With many huts frozen in up to 18 inches because of a huge late season storm, it took the collective effort of the guys from Oziles' and many volunteers to free them. Many days after the work began, Al Macintyre stands in front of last remaining hut waiting to be freed.

More Photos of the week