NOvember 2009: Fire Ravages Hut Storage Area

Story by Francine Martin, Photos by Dan Boisvenue

Things got pretty hot and heavy at Petrie Island on Saturday, November 14th, 2009. So hot that nine firetrucks were called the hut storage area. Apparently the owner and some friends of a yet unidentified, and now unrecognizable hut, were watching the hockey game and decided to keep warm with a fire in their hut's stove. No one knows what happened right after the game but an hour later. fire was seen coming from their hut. Thankfully, Serge and Sylvain were on site working on their own hut and caught the fire in its early stage.

t least two huts are completely gutted, another is past the point of no return and yet a few other surrounding huts suffered some fire and smoke damage. Big Al's hut was inches from Lise Leclair's hut which has considerable damage. Lise was the winner of the first ever PIIFA derby which took place on February 28th, 2009.