Past PIIFA Ice Fishing Derby Posters

Each ice fishing season, we like to be creative and have a little fun when designing our poster for our annual PIIFA ice fishing derby. Check out our collection of derby posters from past years. Click any image to enlarge.
The 2020 Derby Poster
The 2020 PIIFA Derby Poster

The classic design of the 2020 PIIFA Derby poster follows the trend of the past few seasons of derby posters by using aged wood as the background. The derby is fun for all, but we also raise money for CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario) where their logo is always prominent on the poster each year. New this year, we added the CHEO Teddy Bear to the poster!

The 2019 Derby Poster
The 2019 PIIFA Derby Poster

The classic design of the 2019 PIIFA Derby poster pays hommage to many of the fishing derbies and contests in our great country. The background of the poster represents the interior walls of many ice huts at Petrie Island. The prominant Canadian Tire logo is front and center on the poster. Canadian Tire sponsors many fishing and sporting events in our Country and we were fortunate to have Canadian Tire in Rockland sponsor the 2019 PIIFA Ice Fishing Derby.

The 2018 Derby Poster
The 2018 PIIFA Derby Poster

The 2018 Derby poster was designed with the look of a recycled wood background. The previous spring saw serious flooding at Petrie Island with a dozen huts almost under water at the peak of the flooding. These hut owners had to rebuild almost from scratch. Other hut owners refurbished or upgraded their huts during the same time.
Many of the hut owners at Petrie Island are dedicated to building their ice huts with recycled wood and the 2018 derby poster pays hommage to them.

The 2017 Derby Poster
The 2017 PIIFA Derby Poster

The 2017 Derby poster was a take-off on an old derby poster that has been in Big Al's hut for years. It was a derby held in 1987 in Rockland, Ontario. We think Al participated in the derby with his kids. When you enlarge the poster, you will see that the main sponsor for that derby back in 1987 was Budweiser. Our derby was not sponsored by that most famous beer but it was necessary to keep the original design for our poster.

The 2016 Derby Poster
The 2016 PIIFA Derby Poster

Our ongoing gag on the PIIFA website is doing stuff to Big Louis' hut in the website header photo. We have put assorted dogs peeing on his hut, chickens, snowmen, a herd of deer, assorted signs and others. We decided to move the gag to the 2016 derby poster. Check it out! The ice fisherman in the foreground is in a stare down with Big Louis standing beside his hut in that familiar Big Louis pose.

The 2014 Derby Poster
The 2014 Oziles Derby Poster

The Oziles' Baitshop stepped up in 2014 when we decided to take a break from organizing the derby. Still, we wanted to have fun and design their poster. It featured Eli, the Pike King on the poster with one of his famous photos. As much as we liked the poster, it was rejected by the guys at Oziles' and they went with their own design.

The 2013 PIIFA Derby poster
The 2013 PIIFA Derby poster

We love this one but too bad that most under 45 had no clue that it was a takeoff on the Woodstock Poster from 1969. We switched the guitar for a fishing rod; got the fonts used on the original Woodstock poster and you have one of our most memorable PIIFA derby posters.

The 2012 PIIFA Derby poster
The 2012 PIIFA Derby Poster

The third annual PIIFA ice fishing tournament poster was an artsy-fartsy poster designed for web and printing.

The 2011 PIIFA Derby Poster
The 2011 PIIFA Derby Poster

Take two for the second annual PIIFA ice fishing derby as the 2010 derby was cancelled. The design of the 2011 PIIFA derby poster was inspired by the banner of our website from 2009 to 2011.

The 2010 PIIFA Derby poster
The 2010 PIIFA Derby poster

We set out to make the 2010 poster to look like a classic fishing derby poster. The second PIIFA derby was our first as a fundraiser. We wanted to support the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in honor of a friend close to PIIFA. Turns out it was too difficult to deal with them so we bailed and went over to CHEO. In the end, the derby was cancelled due to an early spring and 6 inches of water on the ice.

The 2009 PIIFA Derby Poster
The 2009 PIIFA Derby Poster

The first PIIFA ice fishing derby back in 2009. We had no idea how to run a derby and decided to give it our best shot. It turned out to be one of our most memorable ever. Thirty-six participants, the weather was perfect and everyone went home happy.