The Best from The PIIFA Email Inbox

PIIFA gets hundreds of emails in our inbox each winter. Some people are submitting stories and photos while others are looking for information. Ocassionally, we get one that just leaves us scratching our head. We have saved a few of the oddest and funniest emails in the hope that you will b left scratchin YOUR head!
Funny and odd email.
From February 2018

Hello Piifa, I am Jenny from Kwaloon Trading Company in Shanghai, China. I would like to tell you our specials for this March and April.

--Pocket knives for 0.88USD/single unit, 56.60USD/100 units.

--Unisex brassieres (specific size): 2.80USD/single unit, 196.60USD/100 units.

--Garlic powder in jar: 0.24USD/single unit, 17.28USD/100 units.

--Mystic wooden puzzle box: 1.10USD/single unit, 88.20USD/100 units.

--Pickled feet of chicken in jar (250 ml): 2.80USD/single unit, 238.12USD/100 units.

--Hunting socks: 1.13USD/single unit, 83.40USD/100 units.

It will be a pleasure to sell to you. Please contact me by email with your order.

Thank You

Webmaster's response:

We get a few of these each year and they are always a good laugh. We doubt that it's spam but knives, bras and pickled feet of chicken all from the same place!? Either they think PIIFA is a Chinese company or they want to sell to PIIFA members.

Funny and odd email.
From February 2010

Hi, I found your website on the net. I am Hans from Düsseldorf, Germany. Me and three friends will be in Canada for three weeks in June 2010 and would be interested in renting your ice hut for 5 days. My preferred days would be June 10 to 14, 2010 but we can change if necessary. Please let me know if these days are available and if you accept credit cards.

Thank You
Hans Erich Kuhn
Leierbachweg 6
40625 Dusseldorf, Germany

Webmaster's response:

We thought about taking his money and then thought, Naw, We're Canadian."

Funny and odd email.
From February 2008

Hey There!
Here is a great recipe for the woodstove recipes section of your website.
Thanks, B.E. Grant

3 small squirrels
1/4 cup salad
1/4 cup lemon juice or vinegar
2 cups bread crumbs
1/2 cup milk or cream
1/2 cup diced and sautéed mushrooms
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon onion juice
4 tablespoons olive oil or bacon fat
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

Dress and clean squirrels. Wash in several waters and dry. Cover with salad oil mixed with lemon juice and let stand for 1 hour. Combine breadcrumbs, with just enough milk or cream to moisten, mushrooms, salt, pepper and onion juice. Stuff the squirrel with this mixture, skewer and truss. Brush with oil or fat and roast uncovered in a slow oven (325F). 1½ to 1¾ hours or until tender. Baste every 15 minutes with fat from bottom of pan. When tender, make a gravy with remaining broth, adding Worcestershire sauce and paprika to taste. Serve gravy in a separate disk. Serves 6.

Webmaster's response:

Sheeesh! A roast squirrels recipe for an ice fishing website? We get tons of email from her every ice fishing season. They vary from computer browser problems to an illegal fish caught in the Amazon and everything in between. We read, we laugh and sometimes help her but we never delete her emails. Her roast squirrels recipe was a keeper, even if we didn't publish it in our wood stove recipes section.

Funny and odd email.
From February 2007

hi there,
my name is robin, and wanted to know if anybody can order some cold weather dammit!!.. we need to get on the ice soon before canada day,weird weather!! but should know better,its canada. anyway,this will be my third season at petrie and besides the weather i only have one major complaint. im sick of repairing my shack every time its moved,by the good old boys at the bait and tackle shop!! this year its the roof, last year a chunk from a corner,and so on... i know at the end of the season its a mad rush to get them off the ice,and i know its not intentional,but come on. every year ? and its not only me, others have told me the same thing and dont trust whoever is driving the tractor. we cant be there all the time to babysit. last time i checked there werent any millionairs on the ice,to burn money into there pallace shack. there has to be a better way to organize the placement of shacks in the yard,some of them,a lot of them are so close,i dont know how there isnt going to be any damage on some of the roofs when they are moved. am i nuts? or maybe a big suck? hello ?? we need to get together ourselves a nasty linch mob . well ,at least a meeting anyway! can anybody get back to me,

Webmaster's response:

"At first we thought this email was a joke. It turned out to be a serious email and we did help this guy out."

Funny and odd email.
From February 2005

I recently went to Petrie island and notice a group of guys ice fishing it seams they where all wearing Fish Hawk hats it seams they where in a fishing club i don't have a problem with that but when i asked 1 of the anglers about equipment information and and notice that he was fishing with 4 Lines 2 lines out side his blue portable clam and he was Jigging 2 lines in side his shack

I stopped and asked him if this was legal according to the manual 2 line allowed in Ontario ???

I WAS ANSWERED TECH RULES and that this was allowed I knew that he was wrong and question him on it and was told to mind my business Where are the Game Wardens they used to pass once a day a couple of years ago what happened I attempted to contact Fish Hawk to let them know that their is no such thing as TECH RULES still waiting for a reply

This is what happens when clubs or individuals of a club think they are allowed to break the rules to get the edge on competition hope fully this message will get around .

a pissed off angler

Webmaster's response:

"We didn't respond, only because we didn't know what he was trying to say. We think it might be something about illegal fishing at Petrie."