Sylvain Michaud

The 2021 PIIFA Ice Fishing Derby at Petrie Island

In the time of COVID, organizing an ice fishing derby could not have been more difficult. Somehow, the organizers managed to pull it off! It was originally scheduled for February 13 but with Ottawa being in a COVID red zone, there was a last-minute decision to postpone it. Several days later, our area moved into a COVID orange zone and the derby was back on, but a week later later than planned.

Mother Nature decided that everyone needed a COVID break and gave us a perfect sunny day with a temperature just below zero.

With COVID, we had a different format to prevent groups and large crowds. First up, no vehicles were allowed on the ice to prevent people from gathering. Other changes included prizes for the longest fish instead of heaviest fish. Potential winners were photographed with their fish and the photos were posted on the PIIFA Facebook page. When the derby was over, there were no prize presentations. In its place, Big Al announced the winners by video on the PIIFA Facebook page.

Was the derby a success? It sure was! The organizers did a fantastic job at organizing the event in these different times. Congrats to all the organizers including Rick and Christine Beaudoin, Big Al Macintyre, Sylvain Michaud. Mike, the Prize Guy... and all the others who helped out. Also, a big shout-out to the people, businesses and organizations that donated some great prizes! See the complete list of sponsors below. After the success of the day, a donation will made to CHEO in the name of PIIFA.

It didn't end there! We were treated to a fantastic fireworks show after the derby at 7:00 PM. Apparently it could be seen as far as downtown Ottawa. Cheers to Big Al for making it happen.

2021 PIIFA Derby Winners
  • First Place - Sylvain Michaud
  • Second Place - Iris Plant
  • Third Place - Hunter Horsley

Photos from the 2021 Derby

More on the PIIFA Facebook page!

Derek Horsley
Iris Plant
Philippe Prezeau
Philippe Gibeault
Johanne Martel

2021 Derby Sponsors