'Braydon Masse'
  • Luc Migneron.
  • Josée-Anne.
  • Jean Jacques Capiante.
  • Christine Beaudoin.
  • Yvon Raymand.
  • Richard Vien.
  • Charles Provencal.
  • Chase Webber.
  • Riley Hustins.
  • Guy Charmpagne.
  • Hunter Glandon.
  • Paul Milonas.
  • Kassie Bialy.
  • Yvon Raymond.
  • 1st place 4 pound-12 oz Waylon McGregor .
  • Julie Flannery.
  • Christina Laplante.
  • Kevin Boyce.
  • Denis Barbe.
  • Tyler Shoniker.
  • Smallest 5 inch perch Mario Croft.
  • Good numbers for Mario Croft.
  • Sam Roberts.
  • Mathieu St-Louis.
  • Sylvain Michaud.
  • Kassie Bialy.
  • Andre Chartrand.
  • Ben Beaudoin and Fionna Beaudoin.
  • Allan Stewart and Kaitlynn Stewart.
  • Derek Horsley.
  • Kaitlynn Stewart.
  • Noa Groleau.
  • Drew Thorpe.
  • Georja Wilson.
  • John Duck.
  • Alex Bellemare.
  • Andre Ménard.
  • Elektra Veilleux.
  • Alex Bellemare.
  • Ben Babin.
  • Second Place: 3 pound 11 oz Michael Kostiuk.
  • Trevor Roberts.
  • Steve Zen.
  • Michael Kostiuk and Nathalie Mcgarry.
  • Steve Zheng family.
  • Phil Warren.
  • Charles Provencal.
  • Allan Dickie family .
  • Carole Taillon.
  • Damian Flannery.

The 2020 PIIFA Derby: Another Record Breaking Derby

This year's PIIFA Ice Fishing derby raised over $7,000.00 for CHEO
The 2020 PIIFA Derby winner.

It was a beautiful day for an ice fishing derby. Temperatures stayed relatively mild by Ontario standards. Saturday's high was -6, but there was a strong wind making it seem colder than it actually was.

The annual event was created in 2008 to bring the fishermen of Petrie Island togther; make it a fun day and let some of the lucky ones bring home some prizes. The derby was also created to benefit CHEO, our local Children's Hospital. As Big Al says, "Even if you don't have children, you might have gone to CHEO as a child, or you have a friend or relative who has needed CHEO at sometime in their life."

As with all previous PIIFA derbies, this year's derby had more participants and raised more money than all previous years. With 213 registrants, we raised well over $7,000.00 which will be given to The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) at their annual telethon in June. Not too shabby for an event that started in 2008 with just 32 participants.

In the years that PIIFA has organized the derby, we have raised over $25,000.00 for CHEO. Not bad for a small group of ice fishermen!

Winners of the derby and raffle prizes were given out immediately after the derby at 4:30. Winners included Waylon who came in first with a 4.2-pound walleye. Second place went to Mike with a 3.11-pound northern pike. Mario Croft went away with the third-place prize (again) for the smallest legally caught fish, a 5-inch perch.

With a few jeers and boos for Mario Croft on his 4th win in a row for smallest fish caught, a few people in the crowd vowed to give Mario some competition for the smallest fish in next years tournament.

There were a bunch of great prizes given out to the winners of games and draws. A huge thanks to all the people and companies who donated. Again, this year, we would like to thank our major supporters, Canadian Tire in Rockland and Moto Gatineau in Gatineau for donating prizes for our raffle.

A huge THANK YOU to the organizers and volunteers who helped make the 2020 derby possible. They include Richard Beaudoin, Christine Beaudoin, Fiona Beaudoin, Brianna Beaudoin, Natalie Cloutier, Anne Dumas, Michel Dubois, Denis Gauthier, Mathieu Gauthier, Madeleine Graveline, Stephane Lanthier, Big Al Macintyre, Richard Vien and Ronald Zinn.

Thanks to our many supporters, sponsors and who made our event such a memorable event including the Oziles Marina, Moto Gatineau and Canadian Tire in Rockland. Check out the complete list of our sponsors and supporters below who made this event possible.

We plan to do it all over again next season. If you have ideas; want to volunteer or your company can offer support with door prizes, do not hesitate to contact us.

More Info on our 2020 Derby

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Photos from the 2020 Derby

2020 Derby Sponsors