'Big Al'
  • Big Al - 4 Pound Walleye
  • Mario Croft - First pike of the season
  • Pete the pike
  • Rick Beaudoin
  • Marc Dakin - January 10
  • Brianna Beaudoin
  • Christine Beaudoin
  • Ariana's Live Release Sturgeon
  • Noa
  • John Dallaire
  • Brian Masse
  • Philippe Gibeault

The 2021 PIIFA Angler's Gallery

Some of the best photos submitted by the anglers of Petrie Island. Email Us your best photos from ice fishing at Petrie Island and we'll put them here. Be sure to include your name and city, and a comment or subject for each photo.

Past Seasons of The PIIFA Angler's Gallery

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