'Braydon Masse'
  • Braydon Masse.
  • Chris Simpson with the derby winner! A 4.5 pound/54cm pike.
  • Eric and friends.
  • Hunter Horsey with a 38cm pike.
  • Brian Houston with a 3.2 pound pike.
  • Mathieu Pigeon.
  • Eric Delorme.
  • Sabrina.
  • Speedy muffler guys with another pike
  • .
  • .
  • Al Heaney playing Plinko for CHEO.
  • .
  • .
  • The crowd at the prize presentations.
  • Madeleine Graveline: The 50-50 winner.
  • Billy Hum, One of the Plinko for CHEO winners.
  • Another Plinko for CHEO winner.
  • Another Plinko for CHEO winner.
  • Craig Languay, winner of the Auger Raffle
  • .
  • Another Plinko for CHEO winner.
  • Sabrina, another Plinko for CHEO winner.
  • Fionna Beaudoin.
  • Brian Masse, winner of the Auger Raffle.
  • Another Raffle winner.
  • .
  • Race Car Al with a 39cm Pike.
  • Mike Webber.
  • Mario Croft wins the prize for the smallest fish! A 15 cm perch.
  • Snoop, the 2nd place winner with a 3.5 pound pike.

The 2019 PIIFA Derby: A Record Breaking Derby in Support of CHEO

This year's derby raised $6,355.00 for The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
The 2019 PIIFA Derby.

In the past few years, we have been blessed with perfect weather for our annual ice fishing derby at Petrie Island and this year was no different. The weather was bright and sunny with a temperature of -5c. As with all previous PIIFA derbies, organizers outdid themselves by making it bigger and better than all previous years with 192 participants and many more sponsors. The derby raised a record $6,355.00 which will be given to The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) at their annual telethon in June.

Months of planning and legwork went into securing prize donations from both small and large businesses in the Ottawa area and we thank Dan, Mike Dubois and Anne Dumas for their efforts.

This years organizers, The Beaudoin-Tessier Family, found new ways to make even more money for CHEO. They were raffles for a Rapala ice auger and a Yamaha Generator, plus the "Plinko for CHEO" game which was hugely popular and raised well over $1,000.00 towards the final total.

Winners of the Plinko for CHEO included Fionna Beaudoin, Sabrina Smith-Desnoyers and Billy Hum among others. The winner of the auger raffle was Craig Languay. The winner of the generator raffle was Brian Masse. A huge thanks to Canadian Tire in Rockland and Moto Gatineau in Gatineau for making these raffles possible. Other winners included Madeleine Graveline who won huge bucks in the 50/50 draw.

Winners of the derby and raffle prizes were given out immedicately after the derby at 4:15. Winners of the derby included Mario Croft with the smallest legally caught fish, Richard (Snoop) Vien for the second largest fish and Chris Simpson with the largest fish of the day.

Big Al and Bozo.

After the derby and prize presentations were over, we were treated to a spectacular 30-minute fireworks dislay put on by Marc Menard. The display could be seen from all over the area and we had great compliments from people in Orleans and Cumberland.

A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped make this event possible. They include this years organizers, Richard Beaudoin, Christine Beaudoing, Fionna Beaudoin and Brianna Beaudoin. Stéphane Lanthier, our sound technician. Mathieu Gauthier, Registration and weigh-in. Dan, Michel Dubois and Anne Dumas, the prize people. Big Al Macintyre, the PIIFA President. Ronald Zinn, printing, promotion and the website. Cheers to all the others who worked hard in the background including Natalie Cloutier, Anne Dumas, Dan Michaud and Sylvain Michaud.

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