A Perfect Day in Support of CHEO

The 8th annual PIIFA Ice Fishing Derby was held February 17, on the ice at Petrie Island. Huge crowds came out on a day which had almost perfect weather. The derby continues to grow each year and this year we saw 188 registrants for the derby which raised $3,000.00 for The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. The money raised will be given to them at their annual June telethon.

2018 Petrie Island Derby participants.

Winners of the derby included Mike Webber with a 8.25-pound fish in the largest fish category. Leandro Rites won the largest panfish category with an 12.75" sauger and Mario Croft won in the category of smallest legally caught fish with a perch measuring in at just 5.5 inches.

According to PIIFA President, Al Macintyre, the 8th annual Ice Fishing Derby has really upped the ante this year as far as prizing goes with almost 40 local business donating prizes and services. Almost every participant in this year's derby got a prize package donated by local businesses.

Some of the major prizes included an ice auger from The Rockland Canadian Tire valued at $400.00, a one-year ice hut storage certificate from the Oziles' Bait shop, two sets of Sens tickets and several dozen large pizzas from local restaurants. "It shows that local businesses believe in our organization and raising money for a good cause," said Mr. Macintyre.

Months of planning and legwork went into securing prize donations from both small and large businesses in the Ottawa area and we thank Dan, Mike Dubois and Anne Michaud for their efforts.

Christina Richards and Big Al Macintyre.

The derby started as a dream for Mr. Macintyre back in 2009 when thought about organizing a derby uniquely for the hut owners of Petrie Island. He gathered a few close friends together to plan and organize the event and his dream became reality. "That first year was a learning experience for us. We had only a few sponsors and just 39 registrants, but it was a huge success, everyone loved it and they wanted more," Mr. Macintyre told us.

In the eight years that PIIFA has organized the derby, it has gotten a little larger every year with more sponsors and more registrants. Mr. Macintyre finished by saying, "Our derby seems to grow every year, but it will never get to the point where we have 1,000 registrants because we do this exclusively for the ice hut owner of Petrie Island.

Other winners during the day included Eli Karam who won the 50/50 draw and Daniel Michaud who won the ice auger draw. Winners of a pair of Sens tickets were André Regimbal and Madeleine Graveline.

Thanks to our many supporters, sponsors and volunteers who made the day such a memorable event including John Dallaire from the Oziles Baitshop; Anne Michaud, Sylvain Michaud, Nathalie Cloutier, Big Al Macintyre, Richard Beaudoin, Ronald Zinn and Dan and Mike, our tireless prize guys. Check out our complete list of our supporters and sponsors who helped make this event possible.

We also want to give out a huge THANK YOU to Christina Richards and her business, Cozies by Christina. Christina knitted and sold a bunch of tuques in the name of PIIFA. Minutes before the derby began, Christina dropped off $130.00 that she made selling her signature PIIFA tuques. Christina's generosity bumped up our donation to CHEO by another $130.00.

For more information and to purchase a knitted PIIFA tuque by Christina, please visit the Cozies by Christina Facebook page.

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