Silverado Goes Through the Ice

Pick-up goes through the ice on February 7, 2009

Two ice fishermen new to Petrie Island had a day they will not soon forget. Sylvain Martin and an unidentified friend were in their GMC pick-up early Saturday, February 7, 2009 when the ice cracked and the truck started to plunge. They were driving between fishing huts went it went through the ice. The two men scrambled to safety before the truck went down. Both men were uninjured but didn't expect to find their truck in the same condition when it was pulled from the depths of the Ottawa river on Sunday.

The area where the truck went down was quite far out in Baitshop Bay and at the extreme end of the ice hut village. People tell us that although the ice on the ice road is 12 inches or more, ice thickness away from the ice road is as thin as 5 inches. Water depth in the area where the truck went down is said to be up to 11 feet. Witnesses told us the truck bottomed out at around 5 feet

Photos from Dan Boisvenue, Bob Gregoire and Francine Martin