Getting Ready for a New Season

The boys from Oziles recently moved more than 20 huts from of the hut storage area in preparation for the upcoming season. They are now lined up on the road and ready to go out when the ice is thick enough!

Oziles reminds us that these were the easy ones to move and tell us that all huts should be jacked up and mounted on blocks to prevent from being frozen in the ground. Failing to do this will damage the base or skis when trying to move it.

Ice hits moved 1
Ice huts moved 2

New ways to contact us

It will largely go unoticed but we have added a contact page to our website. With the addition of the new page, we have changed our email address. Our new email address is

The new contact page also has a contact form for easier contact access to the people who run PIIFA. The link to the new contact page is at the bottom of every page on this website.

Go to the new contact page >>>

A new look for the Oziles website

Oziles Marina - Petrie Island

The Oziles' website has a new look and a new feel. The newest version of their website went online at the beginning of August. The new website has many new features including a live webcam of the marina; a page on the history of Petrie Island; bios of the staff; and a store page.

Owner of Oziles, Yves Grandmaitre says, "We have contracted a great person to work on the website and you can expect frequent updates with current information".

The best thing we noticed on the new version of the Oziles website is that it is in both French and English, something that wasn't part of their previous websites.

The New Oziles Website >>>

Thanks for another great season

The season is officially over for the hut owners at Petrie Island. A big thanks goes to all those who organized and participated in the 2016 PIIFA/Oziles' Fishing Derby.

The year was a bit shorter than we would have liked, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted. I hope everyone has a safe and happy summer. I'll see you in December.

- Big Al

Another Great Derby in Support of CHEO

The annual PIIFA Ice Fishing Derby was held February 13, and was another great success. For the first time in the history of our derby, it was put on by the team of Richard Beaudoin and Christine Tessier. The weather was unseasonably cold but still, there were 91 people who participated in this year's derby which raised $1,325.00 for The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. The money raised will be given to them at their annual June telethon.

Mike Burton

This is our sixth derby in support of CHEO which has proven popular among our fellow ice fishermen because the money raised goes to support children in our area. Our money will help fund research, buy equipment, train staff, and add to the pediatric nature of the hospital.

As with previous PIIFA derbies, this was a closed derby limited to the hut owners of Baitshop Bay and their invited guests. Mother Nature did not cooperate, as the temperature hovered around -26 with a will chill of up to -42. Frozen body parts were a big part of the day.

"You know, you come out and you brave it. Go outside for 3 seconds and stay inside for 3 hours," said PIIFA President, Big Al Macintyre.

Lesson one: cold weather fishing fashion is all about hats of all sizes and species, said Louis Cloutier, who wears a coyote hat to keep warm.

Sylvain Michaud, a machinist from the Ottawa area, knew enough to bring out his Barcalounger. "You just tuck back and the wind will kind of go around you," said Michaud.

Winners in the derby included Mike Webber who caught the largest fish of the day, a 4.5-pound northern pike. He won $465 for his catch. Second place went to Paul Milanios, who caught a 2.5-pound northern pike, and won $279. Eli Karam won the $186. consolation prize for catching the smallest legally caught fish, a 3.75 inch perch. All fish caught on derby day were released alive and healthy which is one of the regulations set by the derby organizers.

In search of Steve Palardi

Other winners in the derby included Julz Legris who won the 50/50 draw. With the flurry of activity during the prize presentations, we negleted to get the name of the person who won the auger from Oziles. We know his first name is Steve but we did not get the last name. It could be Palardi, Paradis, Peladeau or similar. Does anyone know Steve Palardi? Please contact us.

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Ice Fishing Photo of the Week

New hut construction.

Getting Ready for Another Season

Photo by Al Macintyre

With the first snow of the season, some of us are more than excited. This group showed some determination by constructing their new hut in the nasty November weather. It was quite a workforce with 3 women and 3 men and they got all four walls up!
Hey! We took the pic but didn't get your names! Contact us and let us know who you are... and welcome to PIIFA!


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